our vision

Change the planet’s energy use for a sustainable future.

our mission

Advance the revolution in smart sustainable energy.

our values

Be customer driven. Be innovative. Be agile. Be open. Be passionate. Be smarter.

Be Customer Driven

The customer is the boss. They can fire everybody in the company from the CEO down, simply by spending their hard-earned money somewhere else. Focus on delighting them with smart in everything we do, every single day, 24/7. The more we focus on our customer as the centre of our company the more we will succeed.

Be Innovative

Talent shines bright Innovation brighter, and teamwork create success. We work as a team but understand and value the leadership that drives that team to excellence. Bring new ideas, solve problems, be supportive, encourage growth. Always lead by example, even when you’re not the team leader. Together, work towards excellence in innovation.

Be Open

Fair-minded and openness are core values for us. We believe in keeping communication clear and eliminating distractions by addressing baby elephants in the room before they grow into big, hairy, woolly mammoths. That takes emotional smarts to always speak with caring and thoughtfulness. Be transparent.

Be Agile

We treat our work as if we are making it for the people we care for most in the world. We pay attention to the details that delight our customers. Expect change to happen and adapt and evolve with agility Be driven yet deliberate, but take a big breath and use that moment to show care.

Be Passionate

Be the best you, you can be. Show courage and cleverness. Be creative while keeping the details focused. Strive to make Discover Energy thrive. Help your team be the best they can be, too. Challenge yourself first then challenge each other. Be brave, open and hold to the value of truth. Be passionate.

Be Smarter

When you work with us, believe in smart. It will change the world. Smarter technology. Smarter systems that become simpler systems. By working smart we believe our vision to change the planet’s energy use for a sustainable future can become our reality. So we work smarter, each day to advance the revolution in smart sustainable energy for our customers. Because if they are with us, then they want to change the world too.

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