'Hey Google, talk to Discover Energy'

What will the Google Assistant Skill do for you?

Provide help and answers about your Discover Energy account, like "Hey Google, talk to Discover Energy, query bill" and much more.

How do I get started?

Find Discover Energy on the Google Assistant or Google Home app

Open your Google Assistant app, tap 'Explore' and search 'Discover Energy'.

Link to your Discover Energy account

In the Discover Energy Action, tap 'link' to link your account.

Say "Hey Google, talk to Discover Energy"

Now you can manage your Discover Energy account with help from your Google Assistant.

Manage your energy account with your Google Assistant

Don't forget to say "Hey Google, open Discover Energy" before asking a question.

Check your Account Balance

Just say,
"Ask Discover Energy, what's my account balance?"

Ask Discover Energy for your account balance so you're always on top of any outstanding or credited amounts for your current bill.

Check your Bills

Just say,
"Ask Discover Energy, what is my current bill?" or "Ask Discover Energy, what is my bill last month or last quarter?".

Check your current bill expiration time or ask for past bill amounts. You can also switch to e-billing or request a payment extension with a simple voice command.

Query the summary of solar energy

Just say,
"Ask Discover Energy, how much electricity does solar energy generate today?" or "Ask Discover Energy, How much electricity did you buy from the grid today?".

Check solar energy generation and household electricity consumption.