Smart Home

A smart home starts with using your voice to help manage your home environment and everyday tasks. All you have to do is ask.

Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are voice services you can use with compatible devices to help you play music, dim the lights, order takeaway and much more all with a simple voice command. And now, they can help you manage your Discover Energy account – all you have to do is ask!

Amazon Alexa

What is Amazon Alexa?
Alexa is Amazon's cloud based voice service – she answers questions, plays music, turns on and off the lights, give you news and weather updates and more. She is accessed via voice enabled.

Discover Energy customers will be able to check and manage their electricity accounts using Amazon Alexa. No need to log in or pick up the phone.Just say, 'Alexa, open Discover Energy and ask a question about your account, like 'Alexa, ask Discover Energy what's my account balance?'

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Google Assistant

Get started by saying 'OK Google' or 'Hey Google', then let your Google Assistant do what it does best: provide help and answers about your Discover Energy account, like "Hey Google, talk to Discover Energy, query bill" and much more.

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