our vision

Change the planet’s energy use for a sustainable future.

our mission

Advance the revolution in smart sustainable energy.

our values

Be customer driven. Be innovative. Be agile. Be open. Be passionate.

Be Customer Driven

Happy customers have always been our greatest rewards. Being familiar with our customers’ needs and knowing how we can meet them through our products and service will always be the foundation of our business and customer relationships.

Be Innovative

Some innovations spring from a flash of genius, but mostly, innovation is real work. Better half full or half empty? We compromise at three-quarters, so we have room for innovation opportunities and paradigm shifts.

Be Open

We believe in keeping communication clear and know we can agree to disagree as long as we hold fast to the essentials and not let the little things get in the way of our goals. We value a psychologically safe environment where teams can feel confident to speak up, admit we don’t have the answer, ask any questions, or respectfully challenge any new ideas.

Be Agile

The only thing that is constant is change. Instead of resisting changes, we embrace changes for new opportunities to become a market- and customer-adaptive company. We strive to be nimble enough to make the elephant dance.

Be Passionate

A vision without action is merely a daydream, but passion is a powerful force that helps us achieve anything we set our mind to. Be the best you can be, and help your team be the best they can be.

Be a Team

Teamwork makes the dream work! It is the fuel that allows strengths to remain as strengths and weaknesses become less so. When it comes to team size, we believe less is more, and value quality over quantity. With each of these small (think agile) and talented A teams representing our organisation working hand in hand, we cannot but expect exceptional results.

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