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Smart solar battery management
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Goodbye power bill, Hello smart energy trading

Imagine the feeling of no power bills. Discover Energy VPP customers see the world differently, because they recognize there is an energy revolution happening. They understand the future needs to be sustainable and want to create real change.

How does VPP smart energy trading work?

Discover Energy is leading the solar energy revolution with VPP Cloud based software that turns your home into a Virtual Power Plant and Energy Trader!

Your solar powered home becomes a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) with DE recommend battery and inverter combination

Your home charges the solar battery which stores energy and powers your home 24hrs a day. The Inverter is connected to DE specialized software

Our revolutionary cloud based software monitors your inverter and the Grids energy demand. At the optimum moment the software sells your excess power back to the Grid maximizing your energy income

Using the DE Insights mobile app, you can easily track the trades and your income statements from the comfort of your phone

Make Discover Energy VPP the smarter choice for your future


The world's first innovative VPP technology: your solar system, battery and a cloud-based software makes for a simple installation with no extra hardware required.


Powered by the solar system and stored in your home battery. DE's smart algorithms determine the optimal time to sell the stored energy back to the grid at premium prices.


With a strong focus on renewable power, Discover Energy will help your home be more efficient towards reducing your carbon footprint.

Get the information you need from the innovators in VPP

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Whether you have had solar and storage for a while, or are just starting to look at investing in a solar and battery storage, our VPP offer can work for you.

If you have any of the following solar and battery operating systems installed:

GoodWe Hybrid
Sungrow Hybrid
Alpha ESS

Are located in NSW, QLD(Energex) and SA

Have a reliable internet connection.

Discover the DE VPP Network Membership Advantage


25c solar feed-in rate plus profit sharing on trades managed by Discover Energy using your stored solar energy.

Plus Receive a FREE DE Insight app

(to monitor and manage your home’s solar energy - RRP $700).

You also get 24/7 online account management with My Account. No exit fee or lock in contract. - it’s easy.

Smart home compatible with Amazon Echo

And join a community that is making a difference as a VPP network member!

JOIN the VPP revolution

Find an Authorized Discovery Energy VPP installer in your area.

We can recommend our VPP partner network who are fully independent solar Installation professional’s with passion for VPP installation and the expertise to back it up. They can install a competitive Solar Panel Battery and inverter solution form leading manufacturers solution that is tailored to take advantage of our amazing 25c/kWh Solar feed in tariffs rates and make you a DE VPP trader utilizing DE’s prorioatory software.

Simply enter your state to find the nearest specialist in New South Wales, SE Queensland and South Australia and then give them a call to begin.