Share a Kindness Pandemic
A Sunny Story Acts of kindness happen in unexpected ways. It happened that way to Sunny Lee, the General Manager of Operations at Discover Energy, who had a leaking roof. Here is her story. Bassil Ayad from HBA Roofing Group and Sunny Lee, the General Manager of Operations at Discover Energy share some kindness (while social distancing) Hello I just want to share this wonderful thing that happened to me in the hope that it inspires you the same way. The story starts with a leaking roof. I have been wanting to fix it for a while, but I had not got around to it.  But, like so many people, I have been working from home lately due to the COVID-19 outbreak. So today, I called a roof tradesman to do the repair. I had never hired him before. He was prompt on time, and in under 30 minutes, my roof was fixed! I asked how much I owed him, and the tradesman said. “Don’t worry about the money. It was only 5-minute, job no need to pay. You know we all go through difficult times now with COVID-19, we are happy to help our neighbor.’   I was stunned by his generosity. I tried to pay him and thank him, but he refused. This one act of kindness really resonated with me. I thought this should not stop here. So, I would like to share this act of kindness with our Discover Energy community members. The reason is to start something small that we can have control of when everything-else seems totally out of control these days.  You may think this is publicity from Discover Energy. It isn’t. It’s about passing on the kindness I was given. I hope, there will be people who would be touched by this story. I will donate for the money which would have been paid to the tradesman to one of our Discover Energy customers who are currently unable to make their energy payment due to COVID-19 pandemic. Discover Energy also donate to the customers who are currently having difficulty paying their energy bill.The credit will appear appeared as a “kindness pandemic credit” on the next bill as we wish to continue the spirit of the trade man’s act of kindness.If any fellow Discover Energy community members also wish to share this act of kindness, YOU can by sharing your credit balance and shout out to us by nominating the amount you wish to pay it forward to help other Discover Energy community members who are struggling to pay their energy bill. Please let us know at This is totally voluntary; you do not have any obligation to do anything if you don’t wish to. Be safe and take care of each other and your neighbours. Regards, Sunny Donate With your My Account Or donate to go fund me Starting from donations by Discover Energy staff we hope you can join us in helping valuable charities such as St Vincent de Paul Society that are helping people who are struggling to pay basic utilities like electricity. Or you can simply share some kindness and pay it forward.  DO YOU NEED ASSISTANCE? If you’re having difficulty paying your energy bill, you could be eligible for help through the Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) Scheme. Speak with your electricity or gas supplier to find out what assistance might be available to you. If you’re not able to arrange a payment plan with your supplier, you can then contact an EAPA provider for an assessment. EAPA providers include St Vincent de Paul Society • Salvation Army Anglicare • Lifeline Mission Australia • Migrant Resource Centres • Independent Community and Neighbourhood Centres • Local Land Councils. Learn more here Keep an eye out for a bear in a window A nationwide teddy bear hunt is helping to keep children occupied during the country’s School closures during Covid-19 safety action, with tens of thousands of homes taking part, and people still aloud to pair up or walk for a brief respite of exercise and fresh air take advantage and keep an eye out for teddies. Inspired by the popular children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen, the real-life bear hunt has been spotted in homes across Australia. Join in the fun and place a teddy bear in your street-facing window, allowing local children to “hunt” for bears in your neighborhood. OK card initiative for the elderly OK cards are appearing in the windows of elderly Australians. The cards are a unique way to ensure the wellbeing of our elderly neigbours during the coronavirus outbreak. The I’m OK cards show one side of the card colored green with a happy face and the other side colored red with a sad face.  Elderly who are in a lockdown can present the card in their window – Green for OK but if you see red you can lend some help and check-in (from a distance).We have created some downloadable has created special red and green cards for their home care clients to display in their windows to let the organisation know if they need help. “I’m OK cards”, with one side of the card coloured green with a happy face and the other side coloured red with a sad face. DOWNLOAD A PRINTABLE OK CARD Kindness on the Sidewalk We spotted this happening around Sydney this week as people woke up to messages of encouragement written in colourful chalk. this might be a fun way to surprise your neighbour and bring a smile. *Kindness Pandemic Any funds donated to the Discover Energy Community will be directly credited towards customers requiring assistance. Funds will be distributed evenly amongst eligible customers on the first day of each month. Funds are not transferable or refundable Credit amounts will appear on eligible customers invoices as a Discover Energy Community Fund credit. Eligibility: To be eligible to receive Discover Energy Community funds customers must: · Be a residential or small business customer; and · Have an active Discover Energy Account; and · Be participating in our hardship program; or · Be actively receiving payment assistance from Discover Energy effective from 20th March 2020 onwards. Fund allocations Funds will be distributed evenly amongst all eligible customers on the first business day of each month. Discover Energy customers wishing to donate directly to the Discover Energy community (helping Discover Energy customers on hardship) can do so through My Account, – Discover Energy Community Donations– and entering the amount you want to donate. This amount will be added to your next invoice as a charge titled – Kindness Pandemic – to be paid on the invoice due date. For our solar customers – if you have solar credits on your account you can opt to donate the solar credits $ for $ towards the Discover Energy Community via My Account – Discover Energy Donations – Solar Credit – and entering the amount you want to donate. This amount will be debited from your credit balance. Or customers wishing to pay it forward to the larger community can donate at go fund me
Global climate strike sees ‘hundreds of thousands’ of Australians rally across the country
Organisers estimate 300,000 Australians have gathered at climate change rallies around the country in one of the largest protest events in the nation’s history. Key points: The protests are part of a global strike movement led by a 16-year-old Swedish activistMore than 2,500 Australian businesses said they were participating in the strikeMore conservative estimates had the number closer to 180,000 demonstrators The global day of action, led by Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, is happening three days before the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York. Organisers say they expect millions of people to turn out worldwide in 150 countries. In Australia, demonstrations took place in all eight capital cities as well as 104 other centres. The Australian protesters called for the Federal Government to commit to: No new coal, oil or gas projects100 per cent renewable energy generation and exports by 2030Funding for “a just transition and job creation for all fossil fuel industry workers and communities” The movement has rallied behind 16-year-old Thunberg, who first started protesting alone outside Sweden’s Parliament last year. Incredible pictures as Australia’s gathering for the This is the huge crowd building up in Sydney. Australia is setting the standard! Its bedtime in New York…so please share as many pictures as you can as the strikes move across Asia to Europe and Africa! As the Australian protests began she tweeted in support. “Incredible pictures as Australia’s gathering for the #climatestrike This is the huge crowd building up in Sydney. Australia is setting the standard! Its bedtime in New York…so please share as many pictures as you can as the strikes move across Asia to Europe and Africa!” The movement has been controversial in Australia, with some teachers being accused of bias and bringing politics into the classroom, and the Federal Government linking the demonstrations to flagging test results. More than 2,500 Australian businesses took part, either closing their doors or allowing their employees to walk off the job. The businesses signed on to Not Business As Usual, an alliance which said it was a “group of Australian and global businesses pledging to support worker participation in the climate strike”. The exact number of demonstrators nationally was unclear, but more conservative estimates put the number closer to 180,000. The centres of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were brought to a standstill as the protests snaked their way through CBD streets.
Discover Energy – Cheaper, Smarter and Greener
Australians have been hit year after year with rising power prices, until now! Household budgets have been put under stress due to large power companies’ excessive profits, network inefficiencies and old technologies. Discover Energy is combining the latest in digital technology, solar and batteries to form a Virtual Power Plant. Rather than a centralized coal fired power plant from the 1950’s, from the old power companies, we are combining thousands of solar and battery systems in the cloud to form a power plant that feeds the local area when needed.   We have achieved this through revolutionary software developed by our software engineers in-house, to connect solar and battery systems in the cloud to aggregate together to form one large power plant. Best of all, this technology allows you to have cheaper, smarter and greener energy fed to your home. Discover Energy is unique in the Australian electricity market. We are an energy retailer that focuses on renewable energy from solar panels and batteries. Our heritage is based in the solar industry with a focus on replacing our ageing energy generators with a new breed of localized power generation and storage. If just one fifth of the Australian solar households added a battery, it would provide the same energy storage capacity as the Snowy 2.0 project, achieved in half the time. You have the power to make a difference. There is an opportunity to become a part of a united and growing Home Solar Army, with new battery and distribution technology promising to transform our energy system from the bottom up. Currently, home solar installed without a battery is causing problems because it’s crowding the market when the sun shines in the middle of the day, when what we really need is to use it when we’re at home in the morning and evening. Batteries connected to our Virtual Power Plant is the solution. By switching your electricity company to Discover Energy you will Buy mostly power generated from rooftop solar and stored in batteriesIf you have solar and batteries, maximize your returns by profit sharing in the trading of your stored energyBe doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions in this countryBe a part of the revolution to renewable energySave money on cheaper, smarter and greener energy