At Discover Energy, we are interested in working with you to understand your business.
Generally, a Commercial or Industrial business will use above 80 MWh of electricity or spend more than $25,000 a year on electricity.

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Why choose Discover Energy for your business?

A complete energy solution

We review your energy contract, billing, and metering data to ensure we understand exactly what it is that you need to power your business.

A dedicated Energy Manager

Your dedicated manager is the only person you’ll need to communicate with when it comes to managing your business energy needs. They’ll be doing the heavy lifting.

You can source all your energy data through your manager, saving you even more time when it comes to changes in the future.

Easy multi-site management

Your multi-site accounts can be managed through one login using our My Account.

You can view all your sites bills, account status & histories, consumption status & histories and pay bills.

Cost Optimisation

Even after we secure your initial best energy deal, we continue to audit and optimise your costs in the future, with no extra costs or hidden fees.

Your energy management consultant will become an extension of your business.