Refund Policy Download the PDF

1. All requests for a refund must be made in writing or via telephone directly to Discover Energy.

2. All refund requests will be assessed and processed within 10 business days of claim receipt or when all necessary information has been provided to Discover Energy.

3. To receive a refund, you must:

a. Not have an outstanding balance on any other Discover Energy accounts or have made arrangements to clear the accrued debt.

b. Not be participating in our hardship program

c. For amounts over $50 agree to the refund transaction being sent via the same method it was collected (excluding Solar Credits see Solar refund information)

i. In the event that we cannot use the same payment method, for example the bank account has been closed, then you must nominate the method and provide details to Discover Energy.

By requesting a change to your solar refund arrangements, you are agreeing to the following additional terms and conditions. These terms are to be read in conjunction with any existing contractual or regulatory arrangements between you and Discover Energy and, subject to Discover's Regulatory Requirements, these terms override any terms in the existing arrangements between you and Discover Energy to the extent of any inconsistency

1. Subject to any Regulatory Requirements, these terms govern the payment, by cheque or electronic funds transfer, of electricity account credit balance amounts by Discover Energy to you, to the extent that the credit is due to amounts credited for solar electricity generation ('Solar Credit Balance Payment').

2. In order to be eligible to receive periodic Solar Credit Balance Payments for an electricity account:

a. you must have active My Account with Discover Energy;

b. your electricity account must have an account credit balance of $50 or greater at the time of payment;

c. your account credit must be based on an actual meter read by your distributor;

d. you must not be currently disputing a matter with us in relation to your accounts before an ombudsman;

e. if you have overdue debt on another Discover Energy account, we must have contacted you about this debt and agreed the particular terms on which we will pay you a periodic Solar Credit Balance Payment.

3.Solar Credit Balance Payments. You may request that:

a.we pay you a Solar Credit Balance Payment by electronic funds transfer after each electricity bill that has an account credit balance of $50 or greater; or

b.we do not pay you Solar Credit Balance Payments on a periodic basis, which will result in the account credit balance being applied towards the next electricity bill issued by us.

4. These terms do not affect your right under any other agreement to request. one-off payment of your credit balance.

5. We will not issue a Solar Credit Balance Payment if the credit balance is a result of an overpayment by you or us on your account.

6. Regulatory Requirements means any Commonwealth, State or local government legislation including acts of parliament, regulations, by-laws or other subordinate legislation, judicial, administrative or regulatory decrees or orders, or any mandatory approvals and guidelines, including industry standards or administrative interpretations of them, as may be in force and as amended from time to time.

7.Privacy Details of the bank account(s) into which you have elected to receive your Solar Credit Balance Payments may be used/shown in any Discover Energy online services that you use. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with Discover Energy's Privacy Policy or otherwise as required by law.

The recipient and the supplier declare that this agreement applies to supplies of feed in electricity to the grid from the customer to Discover Energy. The recipient can issue tax invoices in respect of these supplies. The supplier will not issue tax invoices in respect of these supplies. The supplier acknowledges that it is registered for GST and that it will notify the recipient if it ceases to be registered. The recipient acknowledges that it is registered for GST and that it will notify the supplier if it ceases to be registered for GST. Acceptance of this Recipient Created Tax Invoice constitutes acceptance of the terms of this written agreement. Both parties to this supply agree that they are parties to a Recipient Created Tax Invoice Agreement. The supplier agrees to notify the recipient if the supplier does not wish to accept the proposed agreement within 21 days of receiving this document.