Smart Meters: What you need to know

By Jessica, Discover Energy Customer Service Manager

What is a “Smart Meter”?

A smart meter (sometimes called an advanced meter or a “type 4” meter) is a meter that digitally measures your electricity use.  A smart meter will record your energy usage every 30 minutes so you know when and how much electricity is being used.

Typically, smart meters are remotely read which means your electricity usage information is sent directly to us remotely without the need for a meter reader to physically attend your property.

Smart meters are also capable of other things like notifying the electricity distributor in the event of a power failure, measuring the power quality at your premises, or being switched on and off remotely without the need for a field visit from a technician.

Example of a Smart Meter

What are the benefits of having a smart meter?

There are several benefits to having a smart meter.  They can:

  • Give you access to a wider range of services such as battery storage and solar generation.
  • Give you detailed information about your electricity usage so you can understand when you’re using your electricity and how much you use at particular times.  This can help you reduce your electricity usage, or plan your usage to take advantage of lower rates at different times of the day.
  • Be remotely read so a meter reader won’t need physical access to your meter.  This is particularly helpful if you have access issues like locked gates or your meter is inside the building.  It also helps to eliminate estimated bills
  • Allow us to offer you better and more innovative products like energy management apps, solar trading schemes and online access to your usage data.  Discover Energy are also rolling out a new feature that allows you to predict your energy consumption!
  • Allow for monthly billing.  More frequent, smaller bills help reduce bill shock
  • Allow electricity distributors to detect outages more quickly and monitor the quality of your electricity supply. This will help to minimise the number and length of electricity supply outages.

Are Smart Meters Safe?

Smart meters are manufactured and installed according to Australian Standards.  All smart meters must comply with electromagnetic exposure limits developed by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). The same limits apply to things like mobile and cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers and baby monitors.

For more information about Smart Meters and Health you can find a detailed report from ARPANSA here.

How do I get a smart meter?

Easy!  You can contact us to ask for a smart meter by phone, email or webchat

Phone: 1300 946 898



Just let us know your account number and address and we will arrange for it to be installed accordingly.  Typically it takes 3-4 weeks to have a smart meter installed.

We are also required to install a smart meter for new connections (if you build a new house) or if your current meter is faulty or has reached the end of its life and needs replacing.

If you have any questions you can contact Discover Energy directly or read more information provided by the Australian Energy Regulator here.

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At Discover Energy, we help customers everyday to better understand their energy and assist them in accessing cheaper, smarter and greener energy. In this new series, we present answers to some of our most frequently asked questions the most important things you need to know about your electricity. Why are my energy bills so high? There are various reasons why your most recent energy bill might be very high. In fact, we wrote a whole article about it. But here’s a general breakdown of what makes up your energy bill, to help you understand how your bill is calculated. Your energy bill is dependent on the tariff your plan is on. All energy plans have a fixed tariff known as the daily supply charge: this is a daily fixed rate that you pay for use of the network and is not affected by the amount of energy you use. Your bill will also have variable charges based on your usage for the period. Here are the two most common tariffs you will be on.   Flat Rate (Single Rate) Tariff: If you are on a flat rate tariff, you will pay the same rate for the amount of energy you consume, regardless of the time of the day you use it. If you have a traditional meter, you will likely be on a flat rate tariff. Gas plans only use single-rate tariffs.  OR Time of use Tariff: If you are on a Time of Use (Peak, shoulder and off-peak tariff, you pay a different price for energy depending on the time of day you use it. For example, on a time of use tariff you will pay a higher rate of energy at a peak period, usually afternoon and early evening when usage is high (for example, 2pm-8pm). During off-peak (10pm-7am), you will pay a lower rate. Shoulder rates usually sit somewhere in between the peak and off-peak rates and would apply to all other times of the day. The rates and timing schedules of a time of use tariff vary depending your network distributor and the allocated tariff. If you have a smart meter, you will likely be placed on a time of use tariff.  In addition to one of the above tariffs, you might also have a control load tariff, which is a specific tariff for a specific appliance in your home such as an electric hot water system.  Want a more detailed explanation of a Discover Energy bill? Check it out here. So why is my bill so high? Your energy bill might be high because you’ve used a lot more energy during peak period. For example, due to COVID-19, many households are spending more time at home than they normally do, or the weather has been extreme so you’ve been using your air-conditioner or heater more than usual. Or perhaps you’ve been using your appliance which has a control-load tariff applied to it more than usual.  Check that your energy offer is current, some offers only have limited benefits that expire after a set period. If your benefit period has expired, you may no longer be receiving a discount. Smarter, Cheaper, Greener Energy Check out our great-value electricity and gas plans or get a personalised energy quote today! Message us on Facebook to make the switch today or call us on 1300 946 898
Discover Energy welcomes GoodWe to VPP Network: integrating leading solar inverter with world-first energy trading platform
Discover Energy is pleased to announce Virtual Power Plant (VPP) compatibility with GoodWe, leading global manufacturer of solar inverters and energy storage solutions. This means that GoodWe customers with batteries are now eligible to join Discover Energy’s VPP network, which allows them access to the cutting-edge technology of Discover Energy’s proprietary energy trading platform*.  Leveraging proprietary and patent-protected software and big data, Discover Energy’s energy trading platform executes exceptional electricity-price forecasting, leading to unprecedented revenue potential when customers sell their excess battery energy back to the electricity grid. While customers receive a guaranteed 25c/kwh for solar-feed-ins, the price for battery energy traded at optimal periods through Discover Energy’s platform can be significantly higher. Customers who allow Discover Energy’s platform to make trades on their behalf enjoy profit-sharing with Discover Energy, as well as the ability to cash in their credits.  GoodWe’s ET series inverters are among the range of the inverters from the brand that are compatible with Discover Energy’s VPP and energy trading platform GoodWe was founded in the year 2010 in the city of Suzhou and in just a few years has achieved a leading position in the global market and was ranked as Global No. 1 Hybrid Inverter Suppliers by Wood Mackenzie in 2019. GoodWe is notable for having the largest single phase inverter range in Australian market, as well as the largest storage range in the Australian market. GoodWe inverters feature inbuilt DC isolators in most models, and deliver high efficiency with all models above 97%.  GoodWe listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 2020 and has recently announced its exclusive partnership with General Electric (GE). GE solar inverters will be under the GoodWe management and guided by GE. GE has authorised GoodWe to use their brand for solar inverters globally and exclusive to GoodWe. Discover Energy’s vision is to propel the speed of adoption of solar and battery in Australian households and businesses, thereby helping to increase the market-share of renewables in the electricity market and usher a cleaner, greener future for all. “Discover Energy’s trading platform, with its ability to access unprecedented electricity prices for battery users, allows its members to significantly reduce the length of return of investment of solar and battery. We are delighted to partner GoodWe and welcome GoodWe customers to join us in the exciting new frontier of electricity trading” says Anson Zhang, CEO and co-founder of Discover Energy.  For more information on Discover Energy VPP visit  or call 1300 946 898 or 0422424064   *Discover Energy VPP is currently operational in NSW, SA, SE QLD and will open to VIC market in 2021
FAQ: Why are my energy rates different than my friend’s?
At Discover Energy, we help customers everyday to better understand their energy and assist them in accessing cheaper, smarter and greener energy. In this new series, we present answers to some of our most frequently asked questions the most important things you need to know about your electricity. Here are two commonly asked questions from Discover Energy customers: Why are my energy rates different than my friend, even though we live in neighbouring suburbs and use the same energy provider? One of the main reasons why the rates of your energy plan are different is due to your household location, which determines which electricity distribution network you are connected to. For example, here are the three distribution networks that serve NSW: EndeavourEnergyArea served – Southern & Western Metropolitan Sydney and surrounds including the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra.AusgridArea served – Central Coast, Inner, Northern & Eastern metropolitan Sydney and surroundsEssential EnergyArea served – Country & regional NSW, Southern regional QLD Some networks incur more distribution costs than others. For example, the NSW suburb of Bankstown is part of the Ausgrid network and typically pays higher distribution costs than neighbouring suburb, Cabramatta, which is part of the Endeavour Energy network. Therefore, you will always need to provide your suburb to receive an energy comparison or energy quote. Not sure who your distributor is? If you are not sure who your distributor is, you can find out by checking your bill or contacting your retailer. _____ Does the quality of energy change from provider to provider?  We’ve been asked by customers if it’s possible to pay for “premium” energy or if some retailers provide better quality energy than others. The short answer is no. Physical energy is purchased from the national energy market and the supply of your energy (how your household receives energy) is delivered and managed by your energy distribution network. While you may receive the occasional interruption to your energy due to such events as extreme weather or animal interference, overall, everyone receives the same quality and service, regardless of their distribution network or their retailer. Moving from one retailer/provider to another, for example moving from AGL to Energy Australia, or to a new energy retailer as Discover Energy, will not affect the delivery or “quality” of your energy in any way. You will still receive the same safe, reliable energy by your energy distribution network, regardless of which retailer you choose. Smarter, Cheaper, Greener Energy Check out our great-value electricity and gas plans or get a personalised energy quote today! Message us on Facebook to make the switch today or call us on 1300 946 898