Discover Energy opens in Victoria!

Discover Energy has officially opened in Victoria. From 16 February 2021, Discover Energy will rollout their great-value, fuss-free plans and famous personalised, multilingual services for Victorian households and businesses across the state. While only electricity plans are currently on offer for Victorian customers, Discover Energy has plans to rollout gas retail services for the state in April 2021. Discover Energy is also slated to open their Virtual Power Plant program for Victorian customers with solar & storage in March 2021.

Discover Energy’s expansion in Victoria marks a milestone for the energy retailer, which has rapidly expanded to almost every major Australian city in less than two years. The company also expects to open in WA in September 2021.

Discover Energy is noted for its personalised customer service and focus on multilingual markets, with energy sales consultants offering English, Chinese, Korean,Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai speaking-services. Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese speaking customers can access translated versions of the Discover Energy website and the Discover App. Customers can also access 1:1 customer service and energy consultation 24/7 through a range of social media platforms such as WeChat (including a fully-integrated Discover Energy app), Facebook, LINE, Kakao and Zalo.

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Discover Energy partners with LG Energy Solution
Discover Energy is delighted to announce its partnership with leading international energy storage brand, LG Energy Solution. Households who install an LG Energy Solution RESU (Residential Energy Storage Unit) and augment it with a Sungrow, Goodwe or SolarEdge hybrid-inverter are eligible to become members of Discover Energy’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) network, which includes access to Discover Energy’s market-leading 45c/kWh solar feed-in tariff. LG Energy Solution is the new member of the LG group of companies, and was formerly the battery division of LG Chem, founded 1947. As the world’s leading battery manufacturer across multiple industries, LG Energy Solution is constantly innovating to deliver superior customer value. Their LG Home Battery range, RESU (Residential Energy Storage Unit), delivers high power and energy-density solutions in a variety of capacities. With diverse inverter compatibility, LG Energy Solution customers can install a system perfectly designed to match their needs.   The LG Energy Solution RESU range An emergent technology that is widely recognised as the future of residential energy, a Virtual Power Plant is a network of decentralised solar power-generating sources (solar and storage systems), which work together to provide significant combined resources to the energy grid at times of high demand. At a climate of decreasing solar feed-in tariffs for solar-only households, Virtual Power Plants offer significant advantages for solar + storage users. Utilising stored energy to discharge during times of high demand means that VPP’s such as Discover Energy can offer premium solar feed-in tariffs, with a current solar feed-in tariff offer more than 3x standard state averages. Additionally, being part of Discover Energy VPP also means that members can partake in state-of-the-art energy trading, selling their excess battery energy at exceptional prices. A new, exciting feature of Discover Energy’s VPP is the platform’s ability to buy back energy and recharge batteries remotely for free for members during opportune market conditions.  Launching the first operational energy trading platform in Australian in 2020, Discover Energy boasts more than 500 VPP members across SA, NSW and QLD, and will open to Victorian customers in March 2021. “At LG Energy Solution, we are battery technology innovators, and we are delighted to be associated with Discover Energy, an innovator in delivering battery value. As an electricity retailer who combines a premium price for exported solar power along with credits for battery power exported during premium price events, they offer customers an option to get the very best of financial return from their LG Home Battery. We look forward to a long partnership as we jointly embrace the renewable energy revolution” says Philip Crotty, General Manager – Residential LG Energy Solution Australia.  “LG Energy Solution is an iconic battery brand known for being at the forefront of storage technology. We are delighted that their RESU range is compatible with three out of four of the inverter brands currently integrated with our VPP platform. This means that in addition to blackout protection and reduced reliance on the traditional energy grid, LG Energy Solution customers can enjoy taking advantage of the significant profit potential that joining a VPP network as Discover Energy can provide. We look forward to working with LG Energy Solution in advancing the awareness and adoption of PV storage, and helping to usher a greener future for all Australians” says Anson Zhang, CEO of Discover Energy. LG Energy Solution RESU batteries are available in 5 different capacities to suit a wide range of households, and can be combined for even larger systems. They are suitable for installation with new solar systems or as a cost-saving addition to an existing solar system with single and 3-phase inverters including global leaders SolarEdge, Goodwe and Sungrow. Please refer to Discover Energy Virtual Power Plant Product Compatibility List for the most up-to-date specifications. For more information on Discover Energy VPP visit  or call 1300 946 898 or 0422424064  For more information on the LG Energy Solution RESU range visit
Terms and conditions – Invite a friend to earn electricity credits together (16.2.21-23.2.21)
Terms and Conditions Limited number of participants: limited to 100 (subject to the number of referrers) Event content: As long as you successfully recommend customers to us (the referees switch successfully) during the event period (16.2.21-23.2.21) and after referee signing the bill, both of you need share the poster to your Facebook, both customers (referee and referrer) will get $50 electricity coupon. $50+$50 referral promotion rules: 1.Both customers must share the poster to Facebook, in order to get AUD 50 electricity coupon; 2.If either party fails to share the poster to Facebook, it will be regarded as automatically giving up the qualification to get the 50 AUD electricity coupon, but it will not affect the other party to receive the corresponding reward; 3.The $50 AUD electricity credit received by both customers will be applied following the below credit schedule.  Switched Referee pays the bill for the first time Referee pays the bill for the second time Referee pays the bill for the third time Referrer $20 $10 $10 $10 Referee $20 $10 $10 $10 The referrer must be a current customer of Discover Energy. There is no upper limit for successful referrals during the promotional period. For example: If a customer refers 10 referees who successfully sign up and switch to a Discover Energy service, the referrer will receive a $50 credit for each customer, or $500 dollar electricity credit to their account.The $50 electricity credit received by both parties are non-transferable, and both parties have the right to give up the reward.During the promotional period, if either the referrer or the referee leaves Discover Energy for any reason, the other party is still eligible for the credit. However if the referee leaves Discover Energy, the referrer will only receive the amount of credits eligible according to the credit schedule. The referee will still receive the $50 credit for joining, even if the referrer leaves Discover Energy.The $50 AUD electricity credit includes GST and cannot be exchanged for cash.Customers who participate in the social media sharing event during the 50+50 event period, then participate in the “50+50” event can only get $20 electricity coupon at the first recommendation, but the referee can still get $ 50 electricity coupon;customers who have already participated in sharing event before this activity will not be affected to participate in the “50+50” activity. Referers will get a $50 electricity coupon when they make the first recommendation;The promotion “$50+$50 referral promotion” will temporarily replace the existing “$60 referral promotion” for the promotional period. Customers cannot receive both rewards in tandem. The final interpretation of promotional outcomes belongs to Discover Energy.Discover Energy may, at its absolute discretion, either decline to apply the $50+$50 referral promotion or, if it has already been applied, remove the $50+$50 referral promotion credit from the relevant account where Discover Energy reasonably believes that the referrer or referee are taking unfair advantage of this offer.
What should I do if my property loses power?
Discover Energy understands that sometimes the unexpected occurs, such as a power outage.  Here is a guide to help prepare you for when power outages occur on your property, keeping you safe and informed until the moments the lights come back on. Click here to download a pdf copy I have a power outage at my property? What steps should I take? Check-in with your neighbours to see if they have also lost power. This will clarify if the cause of the power outage is:  A community grid issueSpecific to your property Your Power Outage is caused by a community grid issueCall your electricity distribution company, or visit their website to determine the reasons for your power outage Your Power Outage is caused by a factor specific to your property Check if the safety switch has been tripped in your home. If your switch has not been tripped, call you energy retailer (Discover Energy) and your energy distribution company to find out if there are any relevant faults. If there are no current faults, you should engage a licensed electrician to do an electrical check for you. Getting your power back on Call your electricity distribution company. They are responsible for the physical delivery of your energy are are usually the best contact to enquire and request for a return to power. Most power outages are resolved by electricity distribution company. What are the causes of power outages? The safety switch has been tripped in your homePlanned essential maintenance works. Your distributor should provide you with prior notificationDisconnection due to unpaid bills. There are many steps that occur before a retailer can disconnect your service. You should have plenty of warning before this situation occurs, including numerous notices to you sent via phone, email or postSevere weather or unexpected technical faults. This is the responsibility of your electricity distribution company. They should be your first point of contact if this is the cause of your power outage.If the outage is not caused by any of the above, and your electricity distribution company does not report any fault on their end, you might have electrical issues specific to your property. If this is the case, you may need to engage a licensed electrician to do an electrical check for you. What do I need to prepare for a power outage? A copy of important contacts including your distribution company (they can be found on your bill)If possible, a landline phone that does not rely on power or a charged mobileA fully charge power bank or portable charger for your mobileAccess to a source of lighting such as a torch, flashlight or other battery-operated light devicesAccess to news or updates, either through your through phone or radio (battery-powered or car radio) What if I need an uninterrupted supply of power? If you need an uninterrupted supply of power because you are on life support equipment or, have a medical condition that requires continuous power supply, you will need to be registered for life support with us. Please contact us to ensure your registration is complete. Check out our FAQ for more information. If you have any other special needs that require uninterrupted supply, contact us on 1300 946 898. For life-threatening emergencies please call 000.