FAQ: Why are my energy bills so high?

At Discover Energy, we help customers everyday to better understand their energy and assist them in accessing cheaper, smarter and greener energy. In this new series, we present answers to some of our most frequently asked questions the most important things you need to know about your electricity.

Why are my energy bills so high?

There are various reasons why your most recent energy bill might be very high. In fact, we wrote a whole article about it. But here’s a general breakdown of what makes up your energy bill, to help you understand how your bill is calculated.

Your energy bill is dependent on the tariff your plan is on. All energy plans have a fixed tariff known as the daily supply charge: this is a daily fixed rate that you pay for use of the network and is not affected by the amount of energy you use.

Your bill will also have variable charges based on your usage for the period. Here are the two most common tariffs you will be on.  

  • Flat Rate (Single Rate) Tariff: If you are on a flat rate tariff, you will pay the same rate for the amount of energy you consume, regardless of the time of the day you use it. If you have a traditional meter, you will likely be on a flat rate tariff. Gas plans only use single-rate tariffs. 


  • Time of use Tariff: If you are on a Time of Use (Peak, shoulder and off-peak tariff, you pay a different price for energy depending on the time of day you use it. For example, on a time of use tariff you will pay a higher rate of energy at a peak period, usually afternoon and early evening when usage is high (for example, 2pm-8pm). During off-peak (10pm-7am), you will pay a lower rate. Shoulder rates usually sit somewhere in between the peak and off-peak rates and would apply to all other times of the day. The rates and timing schedules of a time of use tariff vary depending your network distributor and the allocated tariff. If you have a smart meter, you will likely be placed on a time of use tariff. 

In addition to one of the above tariffs, you might also have a control load tariff, which is a specific tariff for a specific appliance in your home such as an electric hot water system. 

Want a more detailed explanation of a Discover Energy bill? Check it out here.

So why is my bill so high?

Your energy bill might be high because you’ve used a lot more energy during peak period. For example, due to COVID-19, many households are spending more time at home than they normally do, or the weather has been extreme so you’ve been using your air-conditioner or heater more than usual. Or perhaps you’ve been using your appliance which has a control-load tariff applied to it more than usual.  Check that your energy offer is current, some offers only have limited benefits that expire after a set period. If your benefit period has expired, you may no longer be receiving a discount.

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What should I do if my property loses power?
Discover Energy understands that sometimes the unexpected occurs, such as a power outage.  Here is a guide to help prepare you for when power outages occur on your property, keeping you safe and informed until the moments the lights come back on. Click here to download a pdf copy I have a power outage at my property? What steps should I take? Check-in with your neighbours to see if they have also lost power. This will clarify if the cause of the power outage is:  A community grid issueSpecific to your property Your Power Outage is caused by a community grid issueCall your electricity distribution company, or visit their website to determine the reasons for your power outage Your Power Outage is caused by a factor specific to your property Check if the safety switch has been tripped in your home. If your switch has not been tripped, call you energy retailer (Discover Energy) and your energy distribution company to find out if there are any relevant faults. If there are no current faults, you should engage a licensed electrician to do an electrical check for you. Getting your power back on Call your electricity distribution company. They are responsible for the physical delivery of your energy are are usually the best contact to enquire and request for a return to power. Most power outages are resolved by electricity distribution company. What are the causes of power outages? The safety switch has been tripped in your homePlanned essential maintenance works. Your distributor should provide you with prior notificationDisconnection due to unpaid bills. There are many steps that occur before a retailer can disconnect your service. You should have plenty of warning before this situation occurs, including numerous notices to you sent via phone, email or postSevere weather or unexpected technical faults. This is the responsibility of your electricity distribution company. They should be your first point of contact if this is the cause of your power outage.If the outage is not caused by any of the above, and your electricity distribution company does not report any fault on their end, you might have electrical issues specific to your property. If this is the case, you may need to engage a licensed electrician to do an electrical check for you. What do I need to prepare for a power outage? A copy of important contacts including your distribution company (they can be found on your bill)If possible, a landline phone that does not rely on power or a charged mobileA fully charge power bank or portable charger for your mobileAccess to a source of lighting such as a torch, flashlight or other battery-operated light devicesAccess to news or updates, either through your through phone or radio (battery-powered or car radio) What if I need an uninterrupted supply of power? If you need an uninterrupted supply of power because you are on life support equipment or, have a medical condition that requires continuous power supply, you will need to be registered for life support with us. Please contact us to ensure your registration is complete. Check out our FAQ for more information. If you have any other special needs that require uninterrupted supply, contact us on 1300 946 898. For life-threatening emergencies please call 000.
Introducing the Discover Energy VPP Premium Plan!
Discover Energy is launching a new, game-changing offer: the VPP Premium Plan! With the VPP Premium Plan, Eligible battery and solar customers will be able to enjoy a market-leading 45c solar feed-in-tariff for their first 300 kwh exported per quarter* in addition to profit sharing from energy trading. Being paid for electricity rather than paying for it is the future energy. With Discover Energy VPP, the future is already here.  Own a solar and battery system? Click Here to find out more or contact us via 1300 946 898 or 0422424064, or email: sales_vpp@discoverenergy.com.au Terms and Conditions As part of the Discover Energy VPP Premium Offer, Solar Feed-in will be paid at the following rates: First 300kwh per quarter: 45c/kwhNext 300kwh per quarter: 25c/kwhAll remaining kwh: 9c/kwh  All usage thresholds will be calculated daily. You can end this Energy Plan at any time.You must have a maximum inverter capacity of 10KW and have a maximum PV generating capacity of 13.3KW. Discover Energy VPP Approved Operated Products only. Eligible inverter brands are GoodWe, Sungrow, Solar Edge and Alpha ESS. Here’s an example of what VPP customers receive in lieu of a traditional electricity bill: A Smart Energy Report An account summary featuring debits for electricity use and credits for energy sold  As you can see here, this account is in credit. This customer can actually cash out their $133.93 credit, should they wish. You also receive a solar system report that captures your consumption, feed-in to the grid and energy trading.  Own a solar and battery system? Click Here to find out more about how you can join the DE VPP movement. Phone 1300 946 898 or 0422424064, or email: sales_vpp@discoverenergy.com.au
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