How can we help you?

Depending on your individual circumstances and which state you live in, you may be entitled to a concession on your electricity and/or gas account. See our summary of the different concessions available to residential customers in each state and the relevant state government websites that contain more information on these concessions.

Discover Energy is required to verify all concession customers eligibiltiy status with their concession provider, you will need to provide explicit informed consent so we can verify these details. Explicit informed consent can be provided electronically, verbally or by completing a Standard Validation Consent form.

Concession details are located under the charges section and displays as credit amount.

There are many reasons why a concession payment may stop, common reasons are: 

A)  Your concession provider has issued you with a new concession card and you have not provided us with the new details. Please provide us with your updated concession details.

B)  Your concession eligibility has expired. Please contact us with updated concession eligibility details when available.

C)  Your personal details have changed with one of the providers, causing a failed eligibility check. All details must match for a successful eligibility check. Contact us to update your details.

D)  If none of the above apply please contact us and your concession provider to determine why payments have stopped.                                                                                                                                                                                   

You can ask for an extension for your Life Support Equipment registration by calling us on 1300 946 898 or talk to a customer service representitive on our live web chat.