How can we help you?

Once we have obatined a transfer meter read at your property we will have your transfer confirmed in the electricity market as your new retailer.

The welcome email will tell you what to expect after signing up as well as providing important information, such as your account number, your Discover Energy rates- which are based on your postcode and its network, as well as the tariff you’re on.

The cooling off period is a mandatory, energy industry regulation. It allows you to change your mind at any time within 10 days after signing up. You can cancel through your Discover Energy online account or by emailing us at

We endeavour to get you connected as soon as possible. Circimstances that could delay connection:

  • Restricted access to your meter.
  • If there is a dog on site.
  • If there are plants or thorny bushes obstructing access to your meter.

Please make sure there is clear access to your meter so we can connect you to Discover Energy on your next scheduled meter read.

If you've only just signed up to Discover Energy, then there is a very good chance that we're still in the process of transferring your accounts over and setting things up. 

While this is going on, you'll have very little access to our online services unfortunetly.

If you'd like us to take a closer look at things, please feel free to get in touch with our web chat team.

To transfer your site address to Discover Energy, we need to arrange a meter read. Once the meter read is obtained we can start the transfer process for you to become a Discover Energy customer.