How can we help you?

Occasionaly we send out marketing materials to advise both existing and potential customers of new offers and products that may be available.

You can choose to opt out to prevent being contacted in relation to marketing activities.

If you have been contacted by SMS or Email please follow the unsubscribe instructions at the end of any marketing message to unsubscribe and prevent further marketing communications being sent via SMS or Email.

If you have been contacted directly by a marketer at your premises or by mail at your premises that you no longer wish to receive, if you contact us by phone, email or advise the marketer directly we will add you to our Do Not Contact List.

Once you are added to the Do Not Contact List you will remain on the list for 2 years, during which you will receive no further contact by marketers or direct mail to your property. It is important that if you wish to be added to the Do Not Contact List that you ensure we have the correct details for you and your property. After the 2 years you can re-add your details to the Do Not Contact List if you wish to remain on it.

If you have been contacted by phone you can contact us directly by phone, email or letter or advise the telemarketer that you no longer wish to be contacted by Discovery Energy for marketing purposes and we will remove your details from our marketing call lists. If  you no longer wish to receive marketing calls from any company you can register your phone number on the Do Not Call Register and this will ensure that your phone number will not be used for any marketing related calls.

If you are a Discover Energy customer there are times when we will need to contact you to advice you of changes that may be occurring, or to send you notices directly related to your agreement with us, including bills, and notices. You are not able to opt out of receiving these communications.

Customer Rights and Obligations - Summary

An agreement between Discover Energy and a customer contains many rights and obligations for both parties. 


Your Rights

Fair Contracts

We will provide customers with fair contracts with clear terms and conditions that are easily understood in relation to any energy offer that we provide.

Energy Offer Information

We will provide you with basic and detailed plan information documents and or access to website links to access these documents to provide you with a summary of your offer.  

Notice of variations

In the event that anything changes related to your offer, including terms and conditions and rates or charges we will notify you in writing at least 5 business days prior to any such change taking effect, or as required by the rules and law within your local area, in any event no later than your next bill.

Your Bills

Our bills will be clear and easily understood, with detailed information of your supply and usage charges and how your usage compares to other households within your area. Bills will be sent to you at least once every 3 months, if you have a digital meter your bills may be sent to you once a month. We may change your billing period by notice to you.

Opting out of Marketing activities

We maintain a no contact list for customer’s who do not wish to be contacted by us in relation to marketing activities. Please see our website for more details if you wish to opt out of marketing activities.

Disconnection and Reconnection services

If you are moving and need to disconnect from your current property and/or connect to your new property, please call us at least 3 business days prior. For regional or remote areas please contact at least 10 business days prior. In some cases, you may need to be home for these services to be completed. We will advise you at the time what is required.

Fees and charges apply please see our website for details.

Meter Upgrades and replacements

If you wish to upgrade your meter to a new digital meter or believe your old meter needs replacing, please call us on 1300 946 898 for assistance.

Depending on your property and existing connection a new digital meter installation will usually take between 30minutes to 2 hours.

A new connection request will be completed within 6 days from your request depending on all necessary supply and connection works being completed.

An alteration to an existing meter or a meter replacement will be completed within 15 days from your request depending on all necessary supply and connection works being completed.

Self Reads

If you still have an old analogue meter and you have been sent a bill that is based on an estimated read, you may submit your own read and have your estimated bill reissued.

Flexible payment options

We will provide you with flexible payment options.

Hardship Program

Our Hardship program is available to residential and small business customers who are experiencing long or short-term hardship or temporary payment difficulties. This program will provide you with various level of assistance such as payment plans, extensions and advice on managing your energy costs. You can find a copy of our hardship program on our website.

Government Concessions and Rebates

You may be eligible for Government Concessions and rebates depending on your personal circumstances (for example some concession card holders). For more information please see our website.

Complaints Management

If you have an enquiry, compliant or dispute please contact us. We will handle your complaint and advise you of the outcome in accordance with our complaints and dispute policy. Full details available on our website.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you may escalate your complaint to the energy ombudsman in your state.

NSW: 1800 246 545

QLD: 1800 662 837

SA: 1800 665 565


Your Obligations

Meter Access

You must provide open and safe access for us to be able to read and maintain the energy meters on your property.

Moving to a new house or property

You must provide us notice when you are moving to a new house.

Changes in your energy usage

You must advise us if you start to consume or wish to start to use your energy differently, for example, you start running a business from your home.

Life Support Notice

You must provide written confirmation from a medical practitioner if someone in your residence requires life support equipment. For more details on life support equipment and eligibility please see our website.

Other Disconnection and Reconnection services

We can arrange for disconnection of your energy supply in a number of circumstances, These include if you ask us to or you don’t pay your bill on time, or you have refused to provide security deposit or your meter hasn’t been able to be read for 3 consecutive meter readings. Regulatory requirements prevent disconnection in some circumstances.

Your distributor may charge a reconnection fee when moving into your property and connecting electricity (or reading your meter where applicable).

Our Live Chat team is available Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm AEST.

Our Contact Centre is open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm AEST.

We are closed on public holidays.

The live web chat team is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm AEST.
Alternatively give us a call Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm AEST. We’re closed on national holidays.

We will never email you asking for personal or credit card information – especially if it’s via a website link. Similarly, if you receive a phone call offering a large discount on your energy bill or threatening to disconnect you if you do not supply your credit card information you can be certain that this is a scam.

If you recieved a dodgy call and are in doubt, disconnect the call and phone us on 1300 946 898. 

Firstly, we will never ask for your personal information via email. Indications of a scam email include:

  • Strange grammar or bad spelling
  • Links to websites that aren’t what you would expect
  • Offers that are ‘urgent’
  • Emails that have attachments

Some hoax emails can be well-written and persuasive so ultimately, if the email is asking for your personal information, ignore it. 

Contact us driectly on web chat or 1300 946 898 if you notice any suspicious emails or have any uncertainties.